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    About location: Excellent location and business environment

    Defond factory is located in Dongguan-China, which is known as the "World Factory" city. Our group center is in Songshan lake, it is headquartered in the core area of modern service ecological industry in Dongguan. The location is superior and the environment is beautiful. It is not only well-developed in transportation and logistics, but also complete in supporting facilities, which is a worldwide advantage production base. Here gathers Fortune 500 companies, Huawei South Factory, PetroChina, Sinopec, Nokia, Hitachi Group, and Nine Dragons Paper. It has concentrated on high-tech materials, new energy, machinery,  and equipment, created a light industry ecosystem. Here you can find a variety of chemical products, industrial supplies, dairy products and high-quality suppliers.

    About R&D: Chinese craftsman spirit, excellence performance

    As an elaboration chemical sector in the chemical industry, our factories and R&D are operated and managed for different products, with strong professionalism and strong pertinence. With the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, we strictly enforce the quality management system certification standards production and testing, we supply surfactant products more than 40,000 tons each year.

    We have an independent research institute, a research lab with sub-projects, cooperate with the international EBC for 7 years, we also have the technical support from a team of senior professors, who from the famous colleges Tsinghua University, Zhongshan University, Shenzhen University in China.

    About Products: Specialized in developing and producing of industrial surfactant

    Specialized in developing and producing of industrial surfactant, including: defoamers, emulsifiers, penetrants, dispersants, leveling agents, antistatic agents and other additives.

    About the application industry: Specialized in developing and producing of industrial surfactant

    At present, the company's self-developed surfactants and textile printing and dyeing auxiliary products can be widely used in metal processing industry, industrial cleaning, paper making, building materials, water-based bonding, textile printing and dyeing, oil field, water treatment, water-based paint, glass grinding, beer brewing, and environmental protection.

    About service: Specialized in developing and producing of industrial surfactant

    We have strong technical team support, perfect after-sales system, independent customer service team,  and operation team to support online and offline service. We can be customized products for different clients. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, we will serve each customer with the best support, and there is no intermediary to earn the difference and affect the quality of the products. Really customer first, service best.

    About equipment: Specialized in developing and producing of industrial surfactant

    Production equipment, imported precision instruments from Germany and Japan, domestically developed facilities and equipment, independent testing system, Defond can analyze and solve customer problems, provides the most optimized solution in fastest speed.

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