High Viscosity Methyl Silicone Oil
High Viscosity Methyl Silicone Oil

High Viscosity Methyl Silicone Oil

It can be use for a long time within the 50℃ ~ 180℃.  It's primarily used as insulation, lubrication, shockproof, dust laying oil, dielectric liquid and heat carrier; and also adapt to an additive for defoaming, stripping, paint and daily cosmetics. It reduce the hardness in siliocne rubber compound.

name:High Viscosity Methyl Silicone Oil
Density:0.98g/cm 3
Boiling Temperature:300℉


TNMF-XX High Viscosity Methyl Silicone Oil

1. Anti-electrostatic performance
2. High temperature resistance
3. Good waterproofness
4. Electrical insulating property
5. Weather resistance
6. Physiologically inert
7. Smaller surface tension
8. Radiation Resistant
9. Anti-compression
10. Low temperature coefficient of viscosity
11. Non-toxic
12. No corrosion to metal

methyl silicone oil


Item Requirement
Appearancehigh transparency ,no Impurity(Fumed / Injection Molding)
Density,g/cm30.98±0.020.98±0.02 0.98±0.02 0.98±0.02 0.98±0.02 0.98±0.02 
VISCOSITY(mp.s) 50±10 100±10 350±35 1000±10010000±1000100000±10000
Volatility≤(%1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 


Silicone oils are primarily used as lubricants, thermic fluid oils or hydraulic fluids. They are excellent electrical insulators and  non-flammable. Their temperature stability and good heat-transfer characteristics make them widely used in laboratories for heating baths ("oil baths") placed on top of hotplate stirrers, as well as in freeze-dryers as refrigerants. Silicone oil is also commonly used as the working fluid in dashpots, wet-type transformers, diffusion pumps and in oil-filled heaters. Aerospace use includes the external coolant loop and radiators of the International Space Station Zvezda module, which rejects heat in the vacuum of space.

Make it useful in a number of cosmetic products such as antiperspirant.

Some silicone oils, such as simethicone, are potent anti-foaming agents due to their low surface tension. They are used in industrial applications such as distillation or fermentation, where excessive amounts of foam can be problematic. They are sometimes added to cooking oils to prevent excessive foaming during deep frying. Silicone oils used as lubricants can be inadvertent defoamers (contaminants) in processes where foam is desired, such as in the manufacture of polyurethane foam.

Silicone oil is also one of the two main ingredients in Silly Putty, along with boric acid.

Medical uses
Consumer products to control flatulence often contain silicone oil. Silicone oils have been used as a vitreous fluid substitute to treat difficult cases of retinal detachment, such as those complicated with proliferative vitreoretinopathy, large retinal tears, and penetrating ocular trauma.

Automotive use
Silicone oil was commonly used as the fluid in the automobile cooling fan clutch assemblies, before the industry switched to electric cooling fans.